Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Brew 16 - The Beer That Went Clear

5.0% American Pale Ale

Brewday 31 May 2014

There were a lot of firsts in the making of this beer. It was the first time I'd cold crashed with a fridge, the first time I'd fined with gelatin and the first time I'd done proper water manipulation. I obtained a set of mini-scales to weigh the salts on, as can be seen below:

There was no special plan for the beer, it was just an exercise in trying out some new techniques more than anything, so I decided a 5.0% pale ale would be just fine for this.

Grain Amt (g) Amt (%)
Maris Otter Low Colour 4600 92.0
Caramalt 250 5.0
0 0.0
0 0.0
0 0.0
0 0.0
Torrified Wheat 150 3.0
Total 5000

Time 60 10 0 Dry Total
Hops Citra Citra Citra T90
Alpha (%) 14.0 14.0 12.8
Amount (g) 7 125 125 257.0
Amt / L 0.3 0.0 5.0 5.4
Total AA (g) 0.98 0 17.5
Gravity 1.052 1.052
Utilisation 0.26 0.05 0
IBU (mg/L) 10.2 0.0 35.0 0.0 45.2

Sorry for the poor layout. The recipe is copied from the spreadsheet I use. I'll try to find a better way of displaying them in the future. The lower table shows three hop additions; 7g at 60 mins, 125g at 0 mins and a 125g dry hop.

The last few beers had had a fair bit of "craft haze" about them so I paid a lot of attention to technique during this brew, with the aim of trying to get it clearer. I recirculated the first runnings for longer and went out and bought a second-hand fridge off ebay halfway through, which was useful as I could now cold-crash properly. This, combined with using gelatin as a fining agent, worked wonders and resulted in the clearest beer I'd ever made.

Unfermented wort

Before cold crash
After cold crash
I took a case along to my mate Dan's 40th birthday party, where it went down very well. Having a dedicated brew fridge is really useful and I now don't know how I managed without one for so long!

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