Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bateson's Black Pepper Ale

I'm always a bit wary about these gimmick beers. You never quite know if the gimmick will work or not...anyway, for £1.50, it was worth the gamble. 

Essentially this is a black pepper-flavoured bitter. I quite like black pepper. I quite like bitter. Would it work?

Well, kinda. The pepper comes late to the show; it's a fairly standard bitter albeit a caramel-y one, then the pepper sneaks up on you in the aftertaste. Mrs W had a drag; "mmmm nice" she said, before pulling a lemon face. And she likes pepper more than me!

It's an interesting drink as a one off, and for £1.50. I doubt I'll bother again, though; not when Hawkshead is on the same shelf. 

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