Friday, 11 October 2013

Querkus Smoked Porter

(Sorry - drank most of it before taking a photo)

Porter always sounds to me like something Prince Hal and Falstaff would order round Mistress Quickly's Tavern - "verily! Pints of mead, porter and sack all round, wench" - and hence not really something considering drinking. 

Then two things happened - Nelly reported going to a beer festival and opening with a porter; and Sainsbury's £1.50 deal had pretty much sold out, apart from this strange-looking Querkus porter.

Well. I don't know what porters are meant to taste like, but this is bloody lovely. It's described as "smoked porter", and I can see why - it has a complex taste of smoked malts, dark fruits, chocolate and coffee. It's absolutely delicious, and I'm very tempted to go and buy Sainsbury's remaining stock. 

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