Friday, 14 February 2014

Beavertown - Black Betty

I do like a nice black IPA and that's exactly what this is. It was quite light on the carbonation though. There was just enough but if I was being super-critical, I'd have liked a touch more. The aroma was delicious, with citra leading the way. It's probably the nicest nose I've come across in a black IPA.

The taste was delicious too. I'd say liquorice was quite a predominant flavour but to be fair, it was quite complex and there was plenty going on, with a nice, balanced amount of everything.

One thing I noticed was how smooth it was, with really fine bubbles like you get in cask beer. I'm not sure how they get that to happen in bottled beer but it was very nice.

This made me want to brew another batch of black IPA. Black Betty is an extremely good example of the style and I'll keep it in mind during my next brew.

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