Saturday, 8 February 2014

Weird Beard - Amarillo Belgian IPA

Weird Beard are one of my favourite UK breweries, mainly because they make some quite unusual beers and they like a good bit of carbonation. With this 7.5% offering, they've really excelled themselves on those two counts.

First, the carbonation. Now, I like my beer to be cold and fizzy but this was way over the top. It had to be poured in a few stages, allowing the foamy head to recede between pours. When that happens, I reckon the carbonation is just too high. Rather than being a pleasure, just pouring yourself a glass of this is rather a faff. Easing off on the carbonation would be of benefit here, and I don't often find myself saying that.

That aside, this is a really interesting brew. The Belgian yeast flavours were strongly evident, sitting right alongside orangey, citrus hop notes. This made for a very unusual beer as you don't normally get big hop tastes and Belgian yeast together, but it kind of worked.

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