Monday, 16 September 2013

Greene King IPA Gold

I have to say, at the outset, that Greene King IPA has been responsible for some of the worst pints I've ever had in a pub. Therefore I really wasn't looking forward to this - even though I'd upgraded to the Gold, which I've assumed is some kind of Taste The Difference "quality" variant on the standard. 

I cracked it upon and was hit with a surprisingly hoppy bouquet. Of course, it wasn't as powerful as a Jaipur or Sierra Nevada but it left me hopeful for the taste. 

Which, well, wasn't quite as good as I'd perhaps built myself up for. Although it starts well, with a nice hoppy, honeyed flavour, it dies on the tongue and there's really nothing of lasting interest. To be honest I'd have it again in these circumstances (on special offer), if the old cupboard was running low. 

Well done Greene King - you've actually made a pint hat doesn't make me retch. 

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