Friday, 23 August 2013

Adnams - Sole Star

My in-laws live close to Southwold, home of the Adnams Brewery, and as such they've adopted Adnams as their beer of choice (not that they know much about such things, but then neither do I really - I just drink more). Generally I'm a fan of their brews, though I find Broadside a bit much.

The local Budgens were selling Sole Star and Lighthouse for an amazing £1 a bottle each - I couldn't resist.

At 2.7% it's incredibly weak - I guess it's designed for people who want to drink a lot without speaking in tongues (or perhaps to get below a tax band?). I'm never that sure what difference the alcohol content makes, but in this instance I'd suggest it's this: utter piss.

It's really quite unpleasant. Malty in a bad way, too bitter, and with a long dry finish that just makes the off taste last far too long in the mouth.

A pound? No thanks.

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