Saturday, 17 August 2013

Thornbridge - Kipling

My esteemed beer colleague, Mr Nelson, commented earlier this week that Thornbridge are criticised for making too many similar ales. This was the first thing that sprang to mind as I took my first sip of Kipling, a so-called "South Pacific Pale Ale". I'm not entirely sure what that means - I don't associate beer with Tahiti, or "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" - but one thing I do know - this isn't a million miles away from an India Pale Ale.

There are many bands who've made a career out of making the same record many times (flippin' Rednex had two massive global hits in the mid-90s with pretty much the same song), but sometimes that's because it's a formula that works, like Thornbridge's .

Kipling is, by any standards, a lovely beer. It's crisp, well carbonated, with hints of tropical fruits (that'll be the south Pacific influence). It's a great beer for a summer evening, light bodied and thirst quenching. Of course, it fails the Jaipur test, but that's ok...although you might wonder why, therefore, Thornbridge should bother, and not just stick to selling us lovely, lovely Jaipur instead.

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  1. It's made with Nelson Sauvin hops, which come from New Zealand.