Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale #2

In a first for this blog, we're going to see a second opinion on a beer. 

M'colleague Mr Nelson opined on the excellence of Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale earlier in the week, and seeing it at our local Sainsbury's (not cheap mind) I couldn't resist trying it for myself. About five years ago I went to Seattle and did some in-depth research into the craft beers of the Pacific  Northwest (of which there are many). Given that before I went I assumed American beer was all about Miller Lite and Bud, I was surprised and delighted (and hungover) with my discovery. However, I'd not known of any craft beers that had made the long journey over here.

Nelly rhapsodised about this beer last week and quite frankly he was right. It's a magnificent brew. It smells great, the hops are strong without being overpowering, and held in the mouth it fizzes into something frothy and utterly delicious. 

The only downside is that it comes in dinky bottles - the photo above is of a fully-poured bottle. We want more!

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