Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bath Ales - Gem

I've talked before about my love of West Country beers, the city of Bath, lesbians, beer generally etc., and tonight I thought I'd crack open a bottle of Bath Ales' Gem (4.8%).

As you can see it's what I would call "traditional pint of bitter" in colour; quite flat, with a very small head (not sure you can see that in the picture, I'm afraid, but trust me on this). It's quite malty to the taste, but in a nice-biscuit way (not a Tetleys-Original kind of way, thankfully) with a long finish and hints of caramel.

Let's be honest here - there's not a lot going on here, but it's quite pleasant, in a "refreshing background pint" kind of way - eg it doesn't get in the way, but neither does it distract one from other things (like watching the football)

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