Thursday, 29 August 2013

Black Sheep -Golden Sheep

Black Sheep -so named because the brewery founder left the Theakston's empire to set up on his own, hence is the "Black Sheep" of the family. His beers are extremely popular in the north - my Dad calls Black Sheep his favourite ale.

Golden Sheep is the pale ale, premium version of Black Sheep - so must be good.

It's quite ruby for a pale ale, but is it any good?

First sniffs aren't too promising - there's no big whiff - and the taste is, well...beery.

I know that's a crap description, and maybe I'm not really cut out to be a beer writer, but on smell and taste I got, well, nothing. No citrus, no fruits, not even a goddamn lychee. 

That's not to say it was unpleasant - it really wasn't, I necked it and kind of enjoyed it, and it wasn't hideously undrinkable like the Sole Star - it was just, well, nothingness really. I drank it, it refreshed me, but there was no complexity, no interest, nothing really to speak of. 

I've had good nights on Black Sheep - most notably quaffing mountains of the stuff after scaling Yorkshire's biggest peak with Nelly - but I guess I was too busy being thirsty and talking guff to notice that what we're drinking doesn't really have much to say for itself at all.

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